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For Consumers

Smart TV service

Hikari TVHikari-TV


SmartTV service allows you to enjoy not only VOD and channel service, but also games, music and other diverse contents anywhere at any time.

  • VOD service

    Video-on-demand (VOD) service, allowing you to watch what you want to when you want to. Wide range of videos available. The all-you-can-watch plan is popular.

    Video (JAPANESE)

  • Channel service

    Channel service offering a wide range of diverse genre channels. We provide multi-channel and domestic satelite broadcasting etc. with high-definition images (Hi-Vision).


  • Karaoke service

    Karaoke service providing all-you-can-sing access to some 40,000 songs to sing at home. Use it for parties or singing practice as well.

    Karaoke (JAPANESE)

  • Cloud game service
    HikariTV Game

    Cloud gaming service for television as first commercial service in Japan. No need for a special game console or software installation, just go ahead and have fun.

    Hikari-TV Game (JAPANESE)

  • Subscription music service
    HikariTV Music

    Subscription music service providing the music you want to listen to when you want to listen to it on an all-you-can-listen basis. Wide range of genres available in high sound quality.

    Hikari-TV Music (JAPANESE)

  • Shopping service
    HikariTV shopping

    Shopping service which provides easy shopping with a remote control. Linkups with home shopping channels are also provided, for a shopping experience only available through Hikari-TV. Usable from PC as well.

    Hikari-TV Shopping (JAPANESE)

  • E-book service
    HikariTV Book

    E-book service offering a range of diverse genres. The latest popular comics at your fingertips across the board. Read-aloud picture books for the television screen are popular with kids.

    Hikari-TV Book (JAPANESE)

  • App service
    HikariTV Apps

    App service for television. Enjoy popular apps as well as on a smartphone or tablet and Hikari-TV original apps.

    Hikari-TV Apps

  • 4K VOD service
    HikariTV 4K

    4K VOD service as first commercial service in Japan. We deliver 60 fps high-quality 4K images over stable optical cable.

    Hikari-TV 4K (JAPANESE)

We build this service "together" with you.

  • Creator support Project
    HikariTV Dream

    Customer-participation type creator support project. Using crowd-funding, we help you bring something new into the world.

    Hikari-TV Dream (JAPANESE)

  • Online community service
    Bukatsu-DO! Supported by Hikari-TV

    Online community service for grown-up, based on the concept of "club activities for grown-up." Find new friends who share interests and hobbies, or pick up meaningful information for new hobbies.

    Bukatsu-DO! (JAPANESE)

Internet Service Provider

We provide an ISP which supports various connection formats from optical cables to high-speed mobile connection.
Our rapid and flexible support system allows you easy and comfortable access to the Internet.

  • ISP

    ISP supporting use of NTT EAST / NTT WEST optical cables etc. Special deals available such as filtering service and "Hikari-TV" mobile service offered free of charge.

    Plala (JAPANESE)

  • Fiber-optic service

    High-speed ISP using optical cables, supporting use of NTT EAST / NTT WEST "Hikari Collaboration Model." Package discounts for "Hikari-TV" and "Plala-Mobile-LTE" also available.

    Plala-Hikari (JAPANESE)

  • Mobile connection service

    MVNO service offering inexpensive mobile service with simple setup: just insert a SIM card in your smartphone or tablet.

    Plala-Mobile-LTE (JAPANESE)

  • IP Phone service

    Stable and high-quality IP Phone provided at low cost, constructing original networks.

    Plala-Phone (JAPANESE)

For Business Users

Internet Service Provider

We support various environments and applications, from SOHO to major companies and schools/universities.

  • ISP
    plala BUSINESS

    ISP supporting use of NTT EAST / NTT WEST optical cables etc. Abundant options including original domain registration application agency and "fixed IP option".

    Business Plala (JAPANESE)

  • Mobile connection service
    Plala-Mobile-LTE for Business

    High-speed mobile connection service supporting use of NTT Docomo Xi/FOMA net. Also supports low-cost construction of M2M (machine to machine) environments etc.

    Plala-Mobile-LTE for Business (JAPANESE)

  • IP Phone service
    Business Plala-Phone

    Stable and high-quality IP Phone provided at low cost, constructing original networks. Videophone selection allows videoconferencing and reduces business travel costs.

    Business Plala-Phone

Image Service

Broadcasting service, multi-hub image distribution service using cutting-edge image distribution technology, and more.

  • Hikari-TV for Business

    Dedicated channel provided through FLET'S optical cable offers news, sports, anime, music and more to businesses, schools, and other associations.

    Hikari-TV for Business (JAPANESE)

  • Video distribution service

    High-quality live image distribution service to multiple hubs around the country. Useful in various contexts including concerts, seminars, and lectures.

    Video distribution service

Other services

  • Advertising

    Advertising service for "Hikari-TV" subscribers, offering commercials included with programs broadcast on "Hikari-TV", print advertisements in the program guide sent to customers, flyers mailed out with the guide, etc.

    Advertising (JAPANESE)

  • Solutions for apartment buildings

    We provide solutions suited to each apartment building, including ISPs and hosting service etc.

    M-Broad (JAPANESE)

  • Other solutions

    We offer a menu of solutions suited to each customer, including high-function hosting servers, mail service, security measures and more.

    Other solutions (JAPANESE)