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This page is History

December 1995Jointly established by 5 companies, including NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION
and Sony Corporation (The former company name: GrR HomeNet Corporation.)
October 1996Launched ISP service "Plala"
October 1997Launched ISP service "Business Plala"
May 2000Changed the company name to "Plala Networks Inc."
March 2003Launched IP Phone service "Plala-Phone for Fret's"
July 2004Launched IPTV and video streaming service "4th MEDIA"
March 2008Changed the company name to "NTT Plala Inc."
Launched SmartTV sevice "Hikari-TV", integrating NTT group image distribution businesses
May 2008Launched IP retransmission of digital terrestrial broadcasting as first commercial service in Japan (via I-Cast, Inc.)
March 2010"Hikari-TV" won 1 million subscribers
September 2010Launched Shopping service "Hikari-TV Shopping"
October 2010Launched IP retransmission of BS digital broadcasting,i.e. the domestic satellite broadcasting,
as first commercial service in Japan (via I-Cast, Inc.)
August 2011Started multi-device support (smartphones / tablets)
March 2012"Hikari-TV" won 2 million subscribers
November 2012Launched E-book service "Hikari-TV Book"
March 2013Launched subscription Music service "Hikari-TV Music"
June 2013Launched cloud game service for television "Hikari-TV Game" as first commercial service in Japan
July 2013Launched IPTV Service "Hikari-TV for Business"
October 2014Launched 4K video streaming(VOD) service as first commercial service in Japan
February 2015"Hikari-TV" won 3 million subscribers
November 2015Launched 4K IPTV as the first service in Japan(via I-Cast, Inc.)
Launched 4K HDR VOD as the first service in Japan
November 2016The worldfs first 4K HDR live on Hikari-TV IPTV channel
December 2016Launched IP re-transmission of BS satellite channels in Japan
December 2016Launched "DAZN" and "DAZN for docomo" on Hikari-TV
March 2017Launched Hobby Learning service "Shummy"
April 2017Launched a video service "Osaka Channel"(work with YOSHIMOTO KOGYO@Co.,Ltd)
May 2017Launched 4K HDR video streaming for mobile devices
September 2017Offered 4K program on Hikari-TV channel created with a drone carrying 4K camera as the worldfs first commercial service
Offered DOLBY ATMOS© contents
Launched "Hikari-TV CloudC", a video share and communication service
January 2018Launched "Hikari-TV Channnel+", OTT live channel for "NTT DOCOMO dTV channel"
March 2018Promotion of "carrier free" deployed on gSo-net NURO Hikarih
March 2018Hikari-TV 10 year anniversary
September 2019Launched IP re-transmission of BS4K satellite channels (via I-Cast, INC.)