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About us

This page is Message from CEO

Dear Customers,

Enrich life by creating new values

Ever since NTT Plala was established, the basic company philosophy has been "Customer Centric" , and "5C" , "Customer Centric" , "Communication" , "Challenge" , "(Value) Creation" , "CSR" has been our basic approaches to offer high quality customer satisfaction.

The internet connection service, "ISP Plala" , launched at the dawn of NTT Plala, and the smartTV service, "Hikari-TV" , are continues to grow up steadily, with the support of many consumers and business partners.

The environment surrounding us, including technology, social values, business, lifestyle, etc., is changing rapidly and becoming more diverse. Under such condition, our services are required to be more flexible to meet the changing requirements of our customers. NTT Plala will pursue to provide better services to maximize customer satisfaction.

Each staff including the management team in NTT Plala will continue to challenge to create new values speedily and provide new entertainment, surprise, convenience that will contribute to enrich customer´s life.

NTT Plala looks forward to working with you.

President and CEO
Katsumi NAGATA