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This page is Message from CEO

Dear Customers,

Towards becoming an "Impressive creation platformer" that fills customers' hearts

Since its founding NTT Plala Inc. has been responsible for breaking ground in new business areas for the NTT Group, and in December 2020 celebrated its 25th anniversary. At the dawn of the Internet we launched our Internet connection service "Plala", and with the spread of fiber optic connections we released "Hikari-TV", our content delivery service . We have grown our business by offering a variety of content services that use ICT to bring "FUN" "SURPRISE" "CONVENIENCE" to society. I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the support shown by our many customers and business partners over the past quarter century.

In recent years technology, social values, lifestyles and business have been changing at tremendous speed. Even in the content business field, we have seen a dramatic shift in the environment as competition intensifies and the ways people view and consume diversify. We therefore need to keep offering competitive and assertive services so that our customers continue to choose us for their personal and business needs. On our 25th anniversary, we established a new cooperate vision: " Your PLAZA! Changing the world. To the 'square' where your heart is filled. " Based on this, we will work to build a world where people can spend their time as they wish, moving and filling their hearts. To make this a reality, NTT Plala will actively promote exciting initiatives by becoming an "Impressive creation platformer" that brings inspiration to the world.

President and CEO
Katsumi Nagata