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NTT Plala Inc.  President and CEO  Koji Bando
NTT Plala Inc.
President and CEO Koji Bando

Dear Customers,

Creating new value for greater customer satisfaction.

"Customers come first" is definitely NTT Plala's fundamental principle. NTT Plala
has committed ourselves to providing high-customer-satisfaction service and is
consistently open to customer opinions and requests.

While ISP service "Plala" has been the cornerstone of our business since our
founding, our focal point now is SmartTV service "Hikari-TV" launched in 2008.
In the modern era, as customer needs diversify and change rapidly, NTT Plala has
continued to aim for greater customer satisfaction through fast-paced service.

As our business continues to develop from here on, we intend to continue listening closely to customers and working actively to create new value, such as the development of new services and applications.

President and CEO
Koji Bando