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For Consumers

Smart TV service

Hikari TVHikari-TV


SmartTV service allows you to enjoy not only VOD and channel service, but also games, music and other diverse contents anywhere at any time.

  • VOD service

    Video-on-demand (VOD) service, allowing you to watch what you want to when you want to. Wide range of videos available. The all-you-can-watch plan is popular.

    Video (JAPANESE)

  • Channel service

    Channel service offering a wide range of diverse genre channels. We provide multi-channel and domestic satelite broadcasting etc. with high-definition images (Hi-Vision).


  • Karaoke service

    Karaoke service providing all-you-can-sing access to some 56,000 songs to sing at home. Use it for parties or singing practice as well.

    Karaoke (JAPANESE)

  • Cloud game service
    HikariTV Game

    Cloud gaming service for television as first commercial service in Japan. No need for a special game console or software installation, just go ahead and have fun.

    Hikari-TV Game (JAPANESE)

  • Subscription music service
    HikariTV Music

    Subscription music service providing the music you want to listen to when you want to listen to it on an all-you-can-listen basis. Wide range of genres available in high sound quality.

    Hikari-TV Music (JAPANESE)

  • Shopping service
    HikariTV shopping

    Shopping service which provides easy shopping with a remote control. Linkups with home shopping channels are also provided, for a shopping experience only available through Hikari-TV. Usable from PC as well.

    Hikari-TV Shopping (JAPANESE)

  • E-book service
    HikariTV Book

    E-book service offering a range of diverse genres. The latest popular comics at your fingertips across the board. Read-aloud picture books for the television screen are popular with kids.

    Hikari-TV Book (JAPANESE)

  • 4K VOD service
    HikariTV 4K

    4K VOD service as first commercial service in Japan. We deliver 60 fps high-quality 4K images over stable optical cable.

    Hikari-TV 4K (JAPANESE)

  • Creator support Project
    HikariTV Dream

    Customer-participation type creator support project. Using crowd-funding, we help you bring something new into the world.

    Hikari-TV Dream (JAPANESE)

  • Video communication service
    HikariTV Cloud C

    "Hikari-TV CloudC" is the Video communication service played on TV screen which saves videos and photos taken with smartphones in the Hikari-TV cloud and enables to share them with your family and friends, make a video-phone call as well.

    HikariTV Cloud C (JAPANESE)

    Hikari TV-VF

    Hikari TV-VF is a service using artificial reality technologies. 3D figure appears when you scan smartphone camera installed the App at your items including AR markers.

    Hikari TV-VF (JAPANESE)

  • Hobby Learning service

    "Shummy" is a Hobby Learning Service providing classes that you would love to take in both online and offline. There are a lot of special classes designed with famous institute, experts in his own field.

    Shummy (JAPANESE)

Internet Service Provider

We provide an ISP which supports various connection formats from optical cables to high-speed mobile connection.
Our rapid and flexible support system allows you easy and comfortable access to the Internet.

  • ISP

    ISP supporting use of optical cables etc. Special deals available such as filtering service and "Hikari-TV" mobile service offered free of charge.

    Plala (JAPANESE)

  • Fiber-optic service

    High-speed ISP using optical cables, supporting use of NTT EAST / NTT WEST "Hikari Collaboration Model." Package discounts for "Hikari-TV" and "Plala-Mobile-LTE" also available.

    Plala-Hikari (JAPANESE)

  • IP Phone service

    Stable and high-quality IP Phone provided at low cost, constructing original networks.

    Plala-Phone (JAPANESE)

For Business Users

Internet Service Provider

We support various environments and applications, from SOHO to major companies and schools/universities.

  • ISP
    plala BUSINESS

    ISP supporting use of NTT EAST / NTT WEST optical cables etc. Abundant options including original domain registration application agency and "fixed IP option".

    Business Plala (JAPANESE)

  • IP Phone service
    Business Plala-Phone

    Stable and high-quality IP Phone provided at low cost, constructing original networks. Videophone selection allows videoconferencing and reduces business travel costs.

    Business Plala-Phone

Image Service

Broadcasting service, multi-hub image distribution service using cutting-edge image distribution technology, and more.

  • Hikari-TV for Business

    Dedicated channel provided through FLET'S optical cable offers news, sports, anime, music and more to businesses, schools, and other associations.

    Hikari-TV for Business (JAPANESE)

Other services

  • Advertising

    Advertising service for "Hikari-TV" subscribers, offering commercials included with programs broadcast on "Hikari-TV", print advertisements in the program guide sent to customers, flyers mailed out with the guide, etc.

    Advertising (JAPANESE)

  • Solutions for apartment buildings

    We provide solutions suited to each apartment building, including ISPs and hosting service etc.

    M-Broad (JAPANESE)

  • Other solutions

    We offer a menu of solutions suited to each customer, including high-function hosting servers, mail service, security measures and more.

    Other solutions (JAPANESE)